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I am a passionate P-6 teacher librarian in Melbourne, Australia who is powered by books, technology and chocolate. I teach 21 classes a week and manage our library. In my weekly 45 minute classes and beyond, I attempt to inspire a love of reading; assist students to seek and use information effectively and ethically;  encourage them to be creative learners both with and without technology and provide a way for them to connect and share globally through our LRC Blog. I consider it a privilege to be part of each student’s learning and reading journey as they progress from Prep to Year 6 and like all teachers, I plant many seeds.

You can discover a few more things about me on the Meet Ms Y page on our LRC Blog and  you will also find me on Twitter where I am @kimyeo.

As the sole teacher librarian at my school I have come to a deeper understanding of “We is greater than me” through my PLN on Twitter who not only make me a better teacher librarian, but they are also my invaluable library team.  I have been writing our LRC Blog since 2009 and have chosen not to write a personal blog up until now. I do not intend to set the world on fire with this blog, but simply to share some of the things in my teacher librarian world (probably more from the heart than the head) that may be of interest or useful to others. 

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2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Absolutely fantastic Kim. Your personality and passion for books, reading, authors and most importantly, your students, comes through in your blog. Congratulations

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